Our Meet the Producer series is designed to introduce you to the top CBD brands we recommend. At CBD Products, we only highlight those companies we think are doing the best work in the field, and use this opportunity to illustrate why we think so. We have already touted the wonders of Frontier Jackson, Populum, Endoca, Charlotte’s Web and Pure Potent.

The subject of our sixth feature is Farmacy Bliss.

What Is Farmacy Bliss?

Farmacy Bliss is a San Francisco-based CBD company that produces full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD products in their purest forms with medical-grade testing and production processes. They offer a range of products, from their signature CBDOSING™ oil drops, CBDAILY™ soft gel capsules and CBDABBER™ wax to their vape pens and cartridges and wellness kits with various combinations of all products. With its CBD products, the company aims to help alleviate people’s pain, anxiety, and chronic conditions or simply help people reduce stress and enhance their sense of wellbeing and overall health.

Who Is Behind the Company?

Introduced on the website, the team of co-founders is Jenya, Zhanna, Lana Nemirovsky, and Gregory Drakhler—family members who began looking into CBD out of a need to find a solution for another member of their family who was experiencing a health crisis. They wanted to find natural relief for their family members, and when they discovered the benefits and quick-working nature of hemp-derived CBD, they developed their own strain of which they could ensure the CBD was pure and produced under the highest standards. Finding success with their formula, they started sharing it more widely and, in 2017, created Farmacy Bliss to bring their pure, full-spectrum, medical-grade CBD products—free of additives and pesticides, GMOs and allergens—to the masses.

What They Stand For

At every turn, the company stands for pure CBD. It’s clear in their literature and everywhere they’re products are sold that they focus highly on making CBD products that are closest to their natural states and safe in every way so that anyone and everyone can use them and experience CBD’s wellness benefits.

The company gets their CBD extract from all-organic hemp plants grown in The Netherlands and the United States, and they specifically extract from plants known and bred for their rich cannabinoid profiles, leading to beautiful full-spectrum CBD oil. They use a CO2 extraction process and all products are third-party lab-tested at every stage of the production process—at harvest, during extraction, and throughout manufacturing and formulation—keeping the products safe and additive-free at every step along the way. (You can find Certificates of Analysis for each item sold on their website.) Not only that, but all Farmacy Bliss products are also made free of all allergens (including gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts) and Kosher-certified to ensure more inclusivity. The founders fully believe that CBD should be accessible for all.

What They’re Famous For

Farmacy Bliss was recently named in lists of the 20 best CBD oils of 2019 and the top 10 full-spectrum CBD oils by Best CBD Oils. Their products have been written about and reviewed by several publications, including Hemp Industry Daily, Leafly, CBD Oil Review, LeafReport, Daily CBD, the Boston Herald, ABC 7 and Digital Journal. They also have a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with many highly positive reviews and are visibly active on the site, responding to customers’ questions, comments, and complaints with efficiency, professionalism and friendly nature.

As one of the most widely written about companies in the CBD space, they are known for their commitment to their customers’ health and safety. They have a loyal customer base and even have a rewards program with cashback offers for returning customers.

Another unique element to Farmacy Bliss is their public pledge to giving back. On their website, they list the organizations they regularly donate to the American Cancer Society, National Veterans Foundation and Autism Research Institute. It says a lot about a company and who runs it to proclaim their belief in the importance of contributing to the greater good beyond what good their own company aims to do, and their commitment is highlighted in nearly every company review.

Their CBD Oil Review brand review sums it up best:
“The individuals at Farmacy Bliss appear to have a firm grip on reality and a highly compassionate disposition… Their health-focused mission, overwhelmingly positive testimonials, and excellent price point place them in a highly favorable standing. Farmacy Bliss definitely is one of the most solid CBD vendors on the ‘net.”

In Their Own Words…

“We are humbled and grateful to work side-by-side with a dedicated family team and to bring our different backgrounds and skills to something we are very passionate about—contributing to the health and wellness of thousands of people by providing CBD products formulated to deliver the purest and most effective results possible.”

Ready to experience some bliss yourself? We promote 5 different Farmacy Bliss products, including all-natural CBD wax, full-spectrum soft gels, and oil drops. Enjoy!

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