Farmacy Bliss

We find that the best CBD brands are authentic and have a personal experience driving their values. Farmacy Bliss is one of those brands, born out of a deeply personal story of a family member suffering a health crisis.

About Farmacy Bliss

The family embarked on a search for natural pain relief, and soon this turned into full-scale research of the CBD industry. Specifically, it became an exercise in understanding the potential of hemp-derived CBD, which increasingly suggested a solution to their problem. In looking at the market, and delving into the science, they soon discovered that while there were many great products on the market, that none of them offered the levels of purity and potency their family member needed.

With ‘Purity’ and ‘Potency’ becoming the mantra for the brand, demand for Farmacy Bliss products soon grew. As people heard about the quality and effectiveness of Farmacy Bliss’ all-natural CBD products so their products became even more refined and celebrated.

Demand has continued to grow, and thanks to continued CBD research and development, Farmacy Bliss, has been able to bring new products to market that are all rooted in using solvent-free, full-spectrum, medical-grade CBD, all of which are designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of their customers.

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