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Despite the number of lives CBD has already helped to improve, we know it can help more. But to do this, we need to understand more about who is using it, how they use it, and what they use it for. That’s why we would like you to participate in our research and help bring the good word of CBD, to life. 

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Dr. Kevin Bethel MD on Endoca

“I am a medical doctor in the Bahamas who is also a survivor of several hurricanes including Dorian. I have used CBD in my clinic for many years but in the aftermath of this storm, there were so many people with PTSD. Endoca brand CBD was actually introduced to me as a donation from concerned people, and from Endoca company directly, as part of a relief effort organization. I can tell you the donation was put to use in so many quality ways. I had so many people that I was able to help with Endoca CBD products, this small thank you note can’t describe how many people we helped. Endoca was reliable and effective in providing relief for people with physical and emotional pain after the storm. Many people couldn’t sleep due to PTSD and after the first dose of Endoca CBD, they reported a miracle and miracle. Thank you, Endoca.”

Shari K. on Endoca

“I went with Endoca originally as they had organic practices and produce the product under pharmaceutical conditions. I have psoriatic arthritis (as well as osteoarthritis) and fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. No pain medication prescriptions since the opioid crisis. Thank God for CBDs!! I take 20 mg in the morning, and sometimes again in the evening. Its the only option besides, heat, ice, yoga. Product always delivered promptly.”

Cynthia Boardman on Endoca

“I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, bone spurs, the list goes on. My physician has decreased my pain meds to nil due to the opioid crisis. I have cried. Upon my sons’ persuading, I decided to give CBD products a try. He gifted me w/ my first jar of cream. When it was finished I started research on reputable companies and strengths. I needed to become educated. I decided on Endoca and purchased the whipped body butter in 1500 mg strength. It has been a miracle for me. It lasts a long time due to the consistency and when applied I am “almost” pain-free for a couple of hours. I need a hip replacement so my pain is very bad. This is a product I highly recommend, do not be skeptical about this. Yes, it is expensive but if it cares for your pain it is so worth it. You shall not be disappointed in the product. The smell is great as well. It has a cocoa butter/slight chocolate scent. After using I am able to complete morning chores at home. Great company here, they have products that work! Not a knock off company that does not care if they get a reorder, this company is the real deal. Good luck to all on the journey to pain relief.”

Myrthe Peters on Endoca

“Absolutely chuffed about the Salve. For the last 2.5, I have tried so many products for my hormonal acne but literally nothing has worked. I’ve been using the salve for three weeks (evening time only) and the results are absolutely mind-blowing. My skin has nearly cleared up! Customer service has also been exceptional and I am very happy that after all the research I put into choosing the right product, I ended up purchasing Endoca’s beautiful product. Thanks so much!”

Antwan J. on Pure Potent

“I do 1/4 of the dropper under my tongue for 90 seconds twice a day and I would say it takes about 75% of my chronic pain away. I’ve been using it for a day and a half now and the only pain I couldn’t deal with much was when I first woke up. But it does not take long to get into my system.”

Brittany M. on Pure Potent

“I bought this because I have a horrible time getting to sleep and actually staying asleep. it helps relax me and shortly I doze off into a good night’s sleep. It has also helped with my anxiety. Very pleased with this purchase and will be purchasing more.”

Brian R. on Pure Potent

“Purchased this product to help with joint and upper back pain, plus poor sleep quality. I like the fact that this natural product has no side effects or negative impact on my health, unlike the steady doses of aspirin that I was taking. Good results include better sleep quality, and reduced anxiety, plus a reduction in body pain.”

Caroline R. on Pure Potent

“I truly would recommend this product to anyone who has trouble sleeping, anxiety or migraines. I took 2 gummies when I felt a migraine coming and it truly helped get rid of it. Also, even after a long day of hard work, I took 2 gummies before jumping into bed and I was able to sleep the WHOLE night and didn’t wake up feeling crappy at all. I gave the oil to my dad since he has pain in his feet and it helped alleviate some of that pain as well. I will definitely order these again in the need future.”

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