RE Botanicals

RE Botanicals™ believes that healthy soil creates healthy plants, healthy people, and a healthy climate. Taking inspiration from the ancient apothecaries, RE Botanicals™ only use the finest quality, full-spectrum, golden hemp extracts from organic US-grown hemp.

About RE Botanicals

With a 20 year legacy in hemp, RE Botanicals™ founder, John W. Roulac has made a personal commitment to healthy living and regenerative agriculture to ensure that the traditions of those growers and scientists who have upheld values of purity and ethics to ensure the highest standards in modern medicine and agriculture that we experience today.

As John says; ‘”Our commitment to quality ensures that our products are pure and organic. We craft CBD products in small batches and blend organic MCT oil with organic hemp to give our customers an authentic and elegant experience, safe in the knowledge that they are consuming pesticides, solvents or GMOs.”

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