“The Healthcare Movement of a Generation” (Anthony Tribunella)

Studies suggest that nearly 1 in 7 people in the U.S have taken a CBD Product, but that number is rising by the day. Of those who have taken CBD, 40 percent cite pain reduction as their primary reason for using it, while 20 percent said anxiety and 11 percent named insomnia and sleep issues as their reason. Further issues that led to people using CBD ranged from arthritis and muscle spasms to migraine headaches and stress, which is no surprise given the early research and anecdotal findings of how CBD helps with pain.


CBD Products Inc. takes the time to verify the quality and integrity of every product we supply and every company that we work with, to ensure that their customers get the finest CBD products on the market.

At CBD Products Inc. we use a 5-step guide to check to the quality and effectiveness of the products we offer:

Types of CBD products


CBD Oil is the most common form of CBD product thanks to it being the quickest and from a dosing perspective, the most measurable form of delivery.

CBD oil can be consumed as both drops, or for those with sensitive palates as capsules.

CBD oil drops are consumed sublingually (placed under the tongue) with its effects generally being felt between 5-20 minutes after consumption thanks to it being absorbed directly into the bloodstream, while capsules are swallowed and tend to take a little longer to take effect.

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CBD Edibles

Edibles tend to be slower to take effect that CBD Oil, usually between half an hour to two hours.

However many people see edibles as a good option when they require a more prolonged effect due to the slow way nutrients/supplements are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

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CBD For Pets

While the science and veterinary industries are still in the early stages of conducting studies and gathering research, all signs point to YES for hemp-derived CBD! Like us, all animals have endocannabinoid systems so their bodies are built to be able to interact with the cannabinoid compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. But that doesn’t mean all compounds. Cannabis flower and the THC compound within it is toxic for dogs in high dosages, so it’s crucial to consider only CBD products with very low levels of THC or none at all.

One of the first major studies done on CBD and dogs was published in 2018 by Cornell University showing the positive impact of CBD use in helping ease pain in dogs with osteoarthritis. The study found that 80 percent of the dogs tested experienced relief.

Other studies have found CBD to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, gastrointestinal upset, psychotic behaviors, and non-arthritic pain and inflammation. Preliminary data from clinical trials conducted at Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 2018 also show significant promise for CBD in reducing the frequency and intensity of seizures in epileptic dogs. Essentially, the benefits could be vast and cover a wide array of conditions, just as they have in humans.

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CBD Topicals

Topicals are applications with an ointment, balm, or lotion applied to targeted areas for relief from pain and inflammation. They are considered especially good for arthritis and injuries.

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