CBD Edibles

Many people see CBD edibles as a good option when they require a more prolonged effect due to the slow way nutrients/supplements are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD Edibles tend to be slower to take effect than other CBD products, usually between half an hour to two hours. Remember, you will always find the CBD industries highest quality edibles at CBD Products, Inc.


CBD Edibles

We only offer CBD edibles that are held to the highest of industry standards. Made from all natural hemp plants and derived with sophisticated extraction methods, we ensure that you receive the cleanest and most potent of CBD edibles on the market. From CBD chewing gum to CBD chocolate, satisfy any sweet tooth or late night cravings with our collection of CBD edibles.

CBD Chewing Gum – From leading brands including Endoca and Frontier Jackson, CBD chewing gum offers cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes while being biodegradable. In addition, the absorption rate of CBD through chewing gum is maximized due to its oral method. Specially crafted golf CBD chewing gum boosts focus and concentration.

CBD Honey – Made with the finest natural ingredients combined with CBD rich organic hemp extract, hemp honey tastes great while providing all the benefits associated with CBD. Our jarred Hawaiian hemp honey is made with organic honey infused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. Or get 10 mgs of CO2 extracted, full spectrum CBD hemp oil in the form of CBD Honey Stix.

CBD Chocolate – For the CBD enthusiasts and chocolate lovers, CBD chocolate is the perfect treat. Our hemp infused dark chocolate bar has flavorful Hawaiian sea salt and a potent dose of 100 mg of cannabinoid.

CBD Soothe Syrup – To promote healthy sleep patterns, Green Roads CBD Soothe Syrup is available in grape, mango, and strawberry flavors. Add into your nightly routine for 15mg of CBD with a dose of melatonin.

CBD Coffee – Columbian Imported CBD Coffee is made with some of the best coffee beans in the world with the added broad-spectrum cannabidiol. Get your daily dose of CBD and caffeine in one caramel flavored cup of coffee – or skip the caffeine with CBD Decaf Coffee.

CBD Beverage Drops – The encouraged bioavailability that CBD Beverage Drops offer are preferred by those seeking increased absorption. The all-natural ingredients of our Dream CBD beverage drops support sleep without unwanted side effects. Energy CBD beverage drops provide a boost without any harsh chemicals. Minimize distractions with Focus CBD beverage drops into any beverage throughout the day.