At CBD Products we take the time to really get to know the brands we recommend, and our “Meet the Producer” series allows us to break down what these incredible brands stand for, what their practices are, and why we like what they do.

In our previous Meet the Producer posts, we have enjoyed profiling Frontier Jackson, Populum, Endoca, Charlotte’s Web, Pure Potent and Farmacy Bliss. But now it’s time for some “good flower” as we introduce you to Bonfleur. Enjoy!

Who Is Bonfleur?

Bonfleur is a company offering organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD products. They are committed to safe and sustainable growing and production processes, with the overarching aim of providing plant-based wellness products to help address people’s pain and inflammation, stress and sleep issues outside the realm of traditional pharmaceuticals.

How Bonfleur Started

Bonfleur is a newer company to the CBD scene, officially founded last year in 2019. However, founder Amy Risch is no novice. Risch is a biologist and chemical engineer who had struggled through the pain of arthritis for many years from her work in gardening, beekeeping, and remodeling—all areas with heavy stress on hand and finger joints. After finding little relief without negative side effects through conventional medicine, she started looking for more natural options. She soon discovered medicinal cannabis and started to grow and make her own products in 2015. In 2016, she founded her first company, Hana Medicinals, for the Oregon market, where recreational cannabis is legal. But to be able to provide her products to the wider market country-wide, Risch then created all-CBD versions and founded Bonfleur.

What They Stand For

On all of Bonfleur’s materials, they emphasize the science behind their products. With a biologist-chemist at the helm, this makes a lot of sense. The language they use is specific in underscoring that their production processes are well-thought-out and come from a background steeped in rigorous adherence to the scientific process. Their mission statement declares their drive to “create a line of effective botanical products that blends nature, science, and technology,” and they describe the make-up of their products as “organic botanicals, adaptogens, pure essential oils and organic, full-spectrum hemp.” Quality and clarity abound.

Additionally, Bonfleur hits home the importance of making each step in their production as earth-friendly as it is human-friendly—from sourcing their hemp from a local, family-owned Oregon farm that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, to having third-party lab testing on every product, to using all recyclable packaging. The company is committed to offering plant-based products with a distinct conscience about how and from what the products are made. They want to provide products people can trust so that more customers can experience the benefits of using natural alternatives for pain, sleep, and stress relief.

Bonfleur CBD Products

What They’re Famous For

Among their customers, Bonfleur is known for the efficacy of their products. Whether that’s using Bonfleur’s Calm Balm while traveling to help reduce anxiety and facilitate better sleep or giving the Pet CBD Tincture to an overly excited puppy to decrease biting and aggressive behaviors, Bonfleur’s customers like what they’re getting. As customer Jenna Jensen raved:

“I’m usually an amazing sleeper. No issues falling or staying asleep. Recently, life has been flipped upside down for me, and the stresses that [have] come along with that shift have left me sleepless and restless night after night. I received my products from Bonfleur and used half a dropper-full of Sleep [Oil], and I fell asleep as soon as I laid down, and I slept long and hard. Didn’t wake up once. It’s the help I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Bonfleur.”

In Their Own Words…

“Our name implies ‘good flower’ because we believe that powerful plants can provide powerful healing. Hand-blended tinctures, balms, and soaking salts offer ample opportunity to address the impacts of pain and inflammation, stress and sleep issues. Through a scientifically refined approach to plant-based medicine, we’ve crafted a suite of wellness products that are both enjoyable to use and highly effective. Better health doesn’t have to look like prescription bottles, smell like chemicals or have negative side effects.”

Ready for some Bonfleur in your life? We carry 6 different Bonfleur products on our site, including tinctures, a lotion bar, pain relief balm and even a lavender mineral soak. Enjoy!

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