In the fifth post in our Meet the Producer series featuring some of today’s top CBD brands. We aim to break down who they are as a company and why we think they’re great.

We previously dove into Frontier Jackson, Populum, Endoca and Charlotte’s Web.

Our next in the line of favorites? Pure Potent.

What Is Pure Potent?

Pure Potent is a CBD manufacturer and supplier that oversees the process from farming to extraction to manufacturing for the public, with an added mission to foster genuine collaboration between all entities of the production process.

What They Stand For

They tell you right on the site: “Pure Potent stands for pure products.” Simple as that. For them, that means the products are clean and safe. They produce 100 percent natural hemp-based, non-GMO products, grown without pesticides on closely monitored U.S. farms with crops that are certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association. All of their products are third-party lab tested, and customers can find the Certificates of Analysis for every product right on their site. Additionally, in keeping with their mission of maximum purity and potency, they use the cryogenic ethanol extraction process with their hemp, which keeps the plants at very low temperatures and under high pressure to ensure the minimal amount of change within the compounds.

Pure Potent’s ultimate goal is to keep the hemp in its truest form, uncontaminated by production intervention so that consumers can receive the most benefit from the phytocannabinoids as they are naturally present in the plant.

What They’re Famous For

Pure Potent is most famous for being true to their name and original mission. All of their language emphasizes the company’s commitment to safety, regulation, consistency, and keeping the CBD in its most natural state. They want it to be the most beneficial for consumers as possible, while also underlining the importance of a harmless, reliable process along the way. They are truly not a company where profit is the primary concern.

In fact, Pure Potent also has a section on their website for their “Pure Promise.” The page is devoted to letting customers know that none of the company’s vape products contain the Vitamin E acetate that is wreaking havoc across the nation right now. Instead, the company aims for full transparency, sharing with customers that their vape products contain only three ingredients: pure MCT oil, pure CBD isolate, and a blend of natural terpenes.

They also underscore again their testing mechanisms. As they describe, “This includes testing for heavy metals. There are many possible variables for contamination, including Winterization, pH balance, and how the oils interact with hardware. We attempt to compensate for all of them. Again, we engage in proactive testing, and do everything in our power to keep our products pristine for the end-user.”

In Their Own Words…

“At Pure Potent, we take wellness and alternative healing forms very seriously. Our formulas are created by experienced pharmacists who share our vision of excellence. There’s always a better alternative to painkillers, prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that can potentially do more harm in the long run. We want you to share our vision of natural healing with the use of all-natural CBD products, formulated with the purest cannabinoids and nature’s botanicals.”

Want to try some for yourself? We recommend 7 different Pure Potent products, including all-natural CBD oil, full-spectrum gummies, and even melatonin-infused gummies. Enjoy!

Anthony Tribunella

Having experienced the benefits of CBD first hand when it was starting to gain popularity, Anthony decided to spend his working life championing it to the public and his peers in the wider CBD community. As a CBD innovator himself, Anthony likes to remain at the leading edge of scientific and product development to ensure that the potential of CBD has every chance of being fully realized.

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