We have already made it to the ninth post in our Meet the Producer series! Throughout the series we feature some of today’s top CBD brands and take a look at what they stand for, how they make their products, and why we think they’re some of the best in the biz. 

Since we started the series, we’ve highlighted Frontier Jackson, Populum, Endoca, Charlotte’s Web, Pure Potent, Farmacy Bliss, Bonfleur and cbdMD

For this post, we’re getting grounded with TerraGold Plus.


What Is TerraGold Plus?

TerraGold Plus is a company that produces hemp-based full spectrum CBD products with the purpose of providing holistic and all-natural healing solutions. They believe in full transparency and keeping products as clean and safe as possible, so all their CBD is produced in an ISO-certified and GMP-compliant facility. Every product is third party lab-tested and comes with a certificate of analysis.


How the Company Started

It all began when two Chicago families decided to move to Colorado to get some more space and nature in their lives. After experiencing a series of physical accidents and health issues, and subsequent costly and inadequate treatments through traditional medical realms, they started exploring what hemp-derived CBD products could do for them. Needless to say, they found CBD to be immensely helpful—not only in treating pain, but also in benefiting their overall health—and they decided to start producing it for themselves. 


Meet the Producer: TerraGold Plus


What They Stand For

TerraGold Plus is really about connectedness. They describe themselves as a collective—a kind of community or meeting place for people committed to finding natural remedies and alternatives for healing. Their materials invoke not only friends, family and, in their words, “a whole lotta love,” but they also highlight Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the importance of relying on earth-driven solutions for human health. Their goal is to create products that free people from certain negative side effects of traditional medicine and the cost burden of receiving such treatment. On top of that, though, they also pursue healing for the earth itself: They have partnered with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted, so that for every order placed on their website, TerraGold Plus donates $1.00 to the organization, which covers the cost of planting one tree. Essentially, for TerraGold Plus, the mission and benefits of natural healing through hemp-based CBD can bring people together to heal themselves and the world through connection. 


What They’re Famous For

As you can probably imagine, that focus on connection makes TerraGold Plus well known on its own. The company fosters local relationships and works closely with hemp farmers and manufacturers in their area to create high-quality products that provide consumers with consistent results. And it’s paid off: Their efforts earned them a license from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Education in 2019. As the company’s co-founder and CEO, Russell Stone, said, “Our collective continues to strive to be better. We know there is a lot to learn as this industry evolves and technology gets better. At the end of the day, we know the products we create are meant to serve our global community. Knowing that the CDPHE recognizes our efforts is a proud moment for us as a company and family.”


In Their Own Words…

“TerraGold Plus is dedicated to bringing you the best hemp-derived medicine on the market, so you can be the best version of yourself.”


Are you ready to join the TerraGold Plus collective? We carry 13 different TerraGold Plus products on our site, including their original CBD oil, CBD oil for pets, pure crystalline, Hemp Relief patches, Hemp Relief body balm and soft gels.

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