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If you treat your dog, the same way you treat yourself, then TerraGold Plus Paws MCT Oil will make your faithful friend incredibly happy.

This specially formulated blend of full-spectrum CBD and organic MCT oil offers your dog 500mg of oil, delivered in a 1oz tincture bottle.

This product is easy to dispense and is a great way to calm anxiety or ease aches and pains in your furry friend.

TerraGold Plus Paws is lab tested, with analysis available here.

Directions for Use:
For the best results, shake vigorously and dispense daily into the mouth of your pet.

TerraGold Plus Paws Dosing Guide:
20lbs and less: 2.5mg – 5mg / day
20 – 40lbs: 5mg – 10mg / day
40lbs plus: 10-20mg / day

Full-spectrum hemp oil with Organic MCT Coconut oil

We love working with TerraGold Plus who want the woods and forests to be full and lush for you and your pets. For every purchase of TerraGold Plus Paws products, they will donate $1.00 to help with reforestation.

About TerraGold Plus

With personal tragedies firmly behind them, TerraGold Plus embodies the spirit that whatever happens, there is always a better way! Having experienced poor quality, expensive, and potentially damaging modern medical techniques, they decided to forge their own path to relieve chronic pain and live more easily.

Their search for a more natural healing brought them to the abundantly available, and naturally derived hemp-based CBD and supplementary herbal products, which immediately bought them a fresh outlook on life.

Today TerraGold Plus stands for optimal health and their subsequent stories of happiness and improved quality of life. With a dedication to holistic, all-natural ingredients, and the most astute manufacturing practices, TerraGold Plus deliver effective products.

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