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Utilizing Be Trū Wellness™ CBD Oral Spray nano-emulsified hemp extract, Be Trū SOUL Spray delivers a healthy dose of CBD, fast. Studies have proven that oral sprays are able to reach a higher blood concentration than supplements taken in pill form and thanks to this nanotechnology, and its blend of all-natural ingredients, Soul Spray offers powerful and targeted relief.

This incredible CBD oral spray product, replete with adaptogenic superfoods: Panax Ginseng, Astragulus, and Goji berry extracts provides you with a tasty oral spray you are bound to love.

Be Trū SOUL spray is perfectly balanced, antioxidant-rich and blends herbal extracts to deliver a great mix of potency and symbiotic natural benefits.

3 Sprays orally, twice per day

Goji Berries, Ginsen, Astragalu and Nano-Emulsified Hemp Extract


The mantra of Be Trū Wellness™ is that your health is in your hands, so encourage you to; “live with your body, take control and manage it naturally.”

Be Trū Wellness™ place ‘YOU’ at the heart of your well-being journey. They see their products as offering natural support to your lifestyle, to help you feel your best and energize your body.

Be Trū Wellness™ is founded by those who have deeply personal stories of health and wellbeing issues, ranging from celiac disease to severe gastrointestinal disorders and stress. The common factor is that they all benefited from the positive effects of CBD and a desire to share it with the world.

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