CBD Capsules & Hemp Oil Softgels

CBD Oil Capsules and softgels are perfect for those looking for a fast-acting CBD product. CBD oil softgels, also known as hemp oil capsules, are easy to take and offer a quick release which allows the CBD to start working as fast as possible. CBD Products, Inc. only offers the highest quality CBD capsules from seed to softgel.


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Find out more about CBD and Sustainability

We love organic farming! CBD Products are proud to support cannabis growers who adopt sustainable and organic gardening methods.

Growers using these methods are recognized for promoting insects, compost, and plant diversity rather than pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic fertilizers to protect and nourish plants.

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About CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are an expeditious method of experiencing the pain, stress, and anxiety relief that CBD brings. The CBD capsule pills are a preferred method by those seeking an easier way to get a consistent dose. An added benefit is that CBD capsules typically have no taste – favored by people who want to mask the taste of other CBD products.

Hemp Oil Capsules – Raw hemp oil capsules are made from 100% organic hemp plant ingredients. With raw, unfiltered hemp oil containing both CBD+CBDa, the hemp oil capsules offer the same potency of any CBD product without the hemp taste. A convenient method, add a single one of your hemp oil capsules into your daily wellness routine to encourage balanced health.
CBD Softgels – From top industry manufacturer Joy Organics, the CBD softgels are especially small while being known to boost bioavailability. With broad-spectrum oil, CBD softgels encourage the synergistic impact that cannabinoids and terpenes working together bring. Find specially formulated CBD softgels with melatonin for an added relaxation effect to aid in a healthy sleep routine.

CBD Capsules – Support your everyday emotional and physical wellbeing with Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules. The full strength CBD capsules offer stress relief, exercise recovery, and an encouraged sense of calm and concentration. For CBD users seeking a more powerful product, the Charlotte’s Web extra strength CBD capsules contains 18 mg per capsule.

Calm CBD Capsules – Specially formulated for more customized needs, CBD calm capsules are designed to encourage relaxation with five natural stress and anxiety blocking ingredients. Including the same incredible benefits found in all CBD capsules, consistently incorporate into your daily routine for an optimal effect.

Relief CBD Capsules – An alternative to common painkillers, the relief CBD capsules offers an organic anti inflammatory and pain relief solution. Ideal for exercise aches and general pains, relief CBD capsules give your body a natural healing boost.

Digestion CBD Capsules – Your gut health impacts your whole body. CBD digestion capsules support digestion wellness with specially crafted soft gels that deliver organic nutrients that you may be missing in your diet.

Focus CBD Capsules – Enhance cognitive function, improve memory, and aid in overall wellbeing. Created with natural and lab tested ingredients, use focus CBD capsules to revitalize your mind at work, home, and for everyday support.