Keeping the Green, Green

We Love Organic Farming

CBD Products are proud to support cannabis growers who adopt sustainable and organic gardening methods.

Growers using these methods are recognized for promoting insects, compost, and plant diversity rather than pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic fertilizers to protect and nourish plants.

We Support LED Lighting

Traditional halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs used in indoor growing consume huge amounts of energy and are well known to lose their power quickly.

Not only do these types of bulbs reduce light spread, causing the plants to work harder to get the light they need, they also get extremely hot and as a result require more ventilation to regulate temperature. More ventilation requires more energy.

We support those growers who make the initial investment into LED lights which although costly, to begin with, reduce the energy required to produce high-quality crops and the need for energy inefficient ventilation systems.

Water Conservation

We seek out growers and manufacturers who conserve water resources. Despite the fact that Cannabis is a relatively water efficient plant, conserving the water that is used is incredibly important to us.

We support growers and manufacturers who advocate water conservation by means of using rain barrels to collect mineral rich rainwater for irrigation and who use organic farming practices to reduce the amount of toxic runoff from water that is poisoned by pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic fertilizers.