As a multi-channel cannabinoid retail and publishing company, over the past two years, we at CBD Products Inc. have engaged with incredible CBD producing partners and plenty of consumers and learned what they and the industry wants and needs. We have read tons of research and done some of our own on CBD products, scientific findings on CBD’s uses and benefits, hemp growth and manufacturing, current cannabis and hemp regulations in the U.S., market trends, and future predictions.

After all that preparation and much anticipation, we are very excited to introduce our own CBD product brand: Cannabinoid Balance.


What is Cannabinoid Balance?

Cannabinoid Balance by CBD Products Inc. offers the highest-quality THC-free, all-natural, and 100% organic CBD and cannabinoid products. Developed in an FDA approved facility by a team of innovative scientists and researchers at the forefront of the cannabinoid field, our lab-tested products are based in the incredible world of nano-science and provide customers with safe and fast symptom relief for a better quality of life.


Our approach

Cannabinoid Balance is defined by purity. Certain aspects of the industry have turned into the “Wild West” in recent years, but with our brand, we decided to get back to basics and return to the underlying principles of how cannabinoids interact with the body to create straightforward products that really make a difference. We have sourced the very finest THC-free, 100% organic cannabinoids from U.S. hemp farms and are driven by a passion to bring the benefits of cannabidiol to all in the simplest, most balanced fashion.


What products do we offer?

We offer a range of products for people and pets alike, formulated from our proprietary NanoZorb™ Technology! All are crafted from organic, non-GMO hemp using CO2 extraction, free from winterization, decarboxylation, and pesticides. Our products include:

The “+” in the name of our products is for the extra plus from our NanoZorb™ Technology. This gives Cannabinoid Balance products 90% absorption into the bloodstream versus the 18% absorption rate other non-nano products offer.


For symptoms, not conditions

The science of the cannabinoids’ effects in humans is still in its infancy, and yet, the CBD industry is overflowing with over-eager companies claiming their products to be miracle cures. But we’re not interested in making grand, unsupported claims. While we don’t yet know how CBD and other cannabinoids affect whole conditions, we do know that cannabinoids can certainly help treat symptoms of various conditions, and we are confident in our CBD products’ ability to help reduce certain symptoms affecting you.

Each one of our specially formulated Cannabinoid Balance products combines cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active natural ingredients that relieve pain, reduce inflammation, aid sleep, and lower blood pressure.


What drives us

The big three factors that drive everything behind Cannabinoid Balance are:

Quality – High-quality CBD means consistent efficacy.
Effectiveness – Only products that do what they say they’ll do are good enough.
Origins – A pure, quality source makes a pure, quality product.

Because only the best is good enough, Cannabinoid Balance products conform to the highest standards and contain no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or other unknown substances, and we rigorously test for heavy metals, pesticides, and THC. Our packaging and manufacturing are made entirely in the U.S. in cGMP-compliant facilities that adhere to the FDA’s production standards. When we say “quality,” we don’t mess around.

Drawing on the findings of numerous research reports and clinical trials, we set to work to source the finest-quality hemp from the top U.S. manufacturers so that we could deliver a top-quality blend of cannabinoids and terpenes to boost the body’s systems every day. We have formulated each product based on the feedback of over 15,000 cannabinoid consumers, collected over the past two years and backed by the scientific findings of dedicated industry professionals. Consumers have been honest with us—and we will be fully honest with our consumers.

Our motto is “Honest cannabinoids. Simply balanced.” And we mean it.

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