CBD & Hemp Suppositories

Relieve your inflammation or muscles with safe and approved CBD suppositories. Experience the relaxation that hemp-base suppositories offer through the purest full-spectrum CBD on today’s market.


About CBD Suppositories

CBD Suppositories offer higher concentrations of cannabinoids while avoiding any complications that individuals may experience with oral methods. An alternative CBD product, basic hemp and CBD suppositories are used by those with gastrointestinal ailments, pre and post surgery restrictions, and oral injuries.

Benefit from muscle relaxing qualities of CBD suppositories and experience relief from discomfort and inflammation. Numerous users have benefited from using CBD suppositories for back pain, menstrual cramps, and pelvic pain. Many symptoms that accommodate conditions such as sciatica and endometriosis are soothed with CBD and hemp suppositories.

CBD Suppositories – Fitting for individuals looking to soothe severe symptoms, CBD suppositories provide a targeted dose of CBD with a high absorption rate. Cannabinoids are delivered into the bloodstream at significantly higher concentrations with CBD suppositories as opposed to oral methods. Ideal for those seeking relief from inflammation and discomfort while supporting general wellness.

Basic Hemp Suppositories – Specially formulated for muscular relaxation and inflammation relief, basic hemp suppositories are commonly used to ease tensions during menstrual cycles and other chronic pain. Hemp suppositories work immediately to relieve aches and pains in our lower half including the back and pelvis. With pure broad spectrum CBD, hemp suppositories soothes muscular pains with 100mg delivered directly to tense areas.