CBD Crystals

CBD Crystals are popular for their versatility. CBD Crystals can be added to edibles, cosmetics, and vapes. They can also be absorbed under the tongue in small amounts, when directions permit. We will always offer only the highest quality CBD Crystals and Hemp Isolates on the market.

About CBD Crystals

CBD Crystals – also known as CBD isolates, hemp isolates, or CBD shatter – offer the purest form of cannabidiol. The 99% pure CBD crystals are THC-free and contain small amounts of naturally occurring terpenes that augment the many benefits of CBD.

Use CBD crystals to support your daily wellness. The 99% pure phytocannabinoid cannabidiol encourages a sense of calm and relaxation while boosting focus and concentration. A flexible method, there are a variety of ways to use CBD crystals including:

1. Vaping
Using CBD crystals in vape pens offer a fast form of absorption. With portable vape pens, using CBD isolates to vape is an incredibly convenient way to consume your CBD crystals almost anywhere. It’s a popular and discrete method of supporting your endocannabinoid system.

2. Dabbing
A step above vaping, when using CBD crystals to dab, the effects are felt almost immediately. Melt the CBD isolate with high heat and inhale the vapor for an especially potent dose of CBD. Additional accessories such as a dab rig, torch, and dabbing tool are necessary when using CBD crystals to dab.

3. CBD Edibles
Introduce CBD into your daily supplement routine by infusing CBD crystals into your diet. Add your desired dose of CBD isolates into ingredients like butter or cooking oil until dissolved. Use in your favorite recipes for appetizing and customized CBD edibles. Using CBD crystals in edibles will take longer to take effect than vaping or dabbing.

4. CBD Oil
You can also dissolve CBD crystals into any oil for consumption. Make your own oil tinctures by adding CBD crystals to your favorite oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil. Or create your own potent topical creams and CBD lotions by adding CBD isolates into moisturizers like cocoa butter or shea butter.

5. Sublingual
The simplest way to consume CBD isolates is to ingest them sublingually. Using CBD crystals sublingually allows the absorption of the CBD directly into the bloodstream. Dissolve the CBD isolate under your tongue for approximately 90 seconds to experience immediate effects.

CBD Products, Inc. supplies only the purest CBD crystals from leading industry manufacturers that value quality above all else. From trusted brands such as Endoca, our CBD isolates begin as organic certified hemp, and are purified twice using supercritical CO2 extraction methods. Rest assured in receiving your cleanest, purest, most effective CBD crystals with our CBD rich, lab tested products.