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About CBD Bundles & Starter Packs

CBD Bundles are a great way to try a range of CBD products. From CBD oil bundles, to CBD capsules starter kits and CBD gummies bundles, find many kits with your preferred products. If you’re looking for an affordable way to discover what CBD product works best with your body, try a bit of everything with CBD wellness kits that are specially crafted for beginners.

CBD Oil Starter Kits – CBD oil bundles support day-to-day wellbeing, recovery from exercise, and promote a sense of calm. An especially popular CBD product, CBD hemp oil is consumed sublingually and has a high absorption rate, with effects generally being felt 5-20 minutes after consumption. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil bundles include CBD oil, CBD capsules, and hemp infused balm.

CBD Capsule Bundles – CBD capsules offer a quick and especially measurable form of delivery. Our bundles are preferred by those with sensitive palates as it avoids any hemp taste. The CBD capsules are swallowed and tend to take longer to experience effects. Charlotte’s Web CBD capsule bundles contain blends of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to add to your daily wellness routine.

CBD Gummies Bundles – For those with a sweet tooth, CBD gummies bundles are a delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD. In a variety of strengths between 7-100mg, conveniently and discreetly discover what CBD gummies work best for you. The Green Roads CBD gummies bundles contain many flavorful fruity and tropical favorites like CBD froggies, fruit bites, and strawberry AK terp daily dose.

Give the gift of comfort and relaxation with CBD gift sets that are great additions to any wellness regimen. Our rigorous 5-step process ensures the quality and effectiveness of all our products so you receive only the purest CBD bundles.