We're committed to natural well-being & vibrant health. Our wellness formulas unite traditional herbs & botanicals to create natural enhancement products that are thoughtfully designed for both women & men. We've long been fascinated with the close relationship between humanity and medicinal plants, but our passion really grew during the research & development for Foria Pleasure.

About Foria

Every Foria Wellness formula starts with a foundation of CBD-rich hemp extract, and the different effects are tailored with complementary blends of botanical extracts & essential oils.

These rich, aromatic formulas aren’t just a delight for your nose & taste buds — they provide natural compounds often missing from our modern diets & lifestyles.

Humanity evolved in the garden, immersed in a symphony of highly-active plant compounds — all advertising their beneficial content via rich aromas and flavors. Even today, our bodies still crave this ancient melody.

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