CO2 Hemp Extract 100 mg/15 mL (Various Flavors)

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Like us, Plant Therapy understands that starting out slowly on your CBD journey is exactly the right way to do things. For those just starting out on their CBD adventure, getting your endocannabinoid system used to a CBD supplement is sensible.

CO2 Hemp Extract 2500 mg/30 mL comes in three different flavors: Cinnamint, Smooth Pina Colada and Unflavored.

Plant Therapy has created this 6 mg serving of broad-spectrum THC-free CBD as the perfect product to help you test out the flavor and see how CBD works for you.

As proven via their lab testing, 6mg is just enough to kick start your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids levels and support brain, immune system, organ, connective tissue, and gland function and boost your body’s overall health and wellbeing.

This sublingual product is a great way to get a feeling for how your body can benefit from CBD and what dosage will best suit you.

CO2 Hemp Extract (aerial parts) 33 mg, MCT Oil (Coconut)

About Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy strives to be a people-first company, that operates with absolute integrity and transparency to deliver the best products and leave no stone unturned in constantly creating new ones and refining tried and tested ones.

Plant Therapy watches for ways to grow and be innovative, but keep the delivery of high-quality CBD products their focus at all times.

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