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If you enjoy a slow, consistent release of CBD into your body, then these cleverly designed CBD transdermal patches delivering 48 hours of anti-inflammatory relief are a great choice.

These THC-free, cannabinoid-rich, CBD transdermal patches offer hassle-free, all-day relief,

Use and storage:
Find a prominent vein and locate the transdermal CBD patch next to it. Ideal locations for this include; the inner arm, top of your foot or front of the hips For those seeking maximum relief, you can also cut the patch and place behind the ear or on the small of your back.

For most effective relief, clean and dry the skin thoroughly, peel back the clear top layer, and press to the skin.

Every time you purchase TerraGold Plus patches, they will donate $1.00 to help reforestation, with $1.00 = One Tree Planted

About TerraGold Plus

With personal tragedies firmly behind them, TerraGold Plus embodies the spirit that whatever happens, there is always a better way! Having experienced poor quality, expensive, and potentially damaging modern medical techniques, they decided to forge their own path to relieve chronic pain and live more easily.

Their search for a more natural healing brought them to the abundantly available, and naturally derived hemp-based CBD and supplementary herbal products, which immediately bought them a fresh outlook on life.

Today TerraGold Plus stands for optimal health and their subsequent stories of happiness and improved quality of life. With a dedication to holistic, all-natural ingredients, and the most astute manufacturing practices, TerraGold Plus deliver effective products.

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